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We are a passionate team of parents dedicated to the highest level of education and psycho-social development of the children of Little Gaddesden C of E Primary School. We believe in the children of the school becoming an integral part of the wonderful community of Little Gaddesden. We always need help with events and raising funds, so even if you do not fancy a formal role in the charity, we welcome you to join in helping organise events, etc.


Class Fundraisers

Last year was a difficult year for fundraising but we were so blown away by how each class took on an event and ran with them with such success! Therefore we thought we would reintroduce it again this year.

Each class has been allocated a time in the school calendar year to organise an event - it can be anything, eg a quiz night, a jumble sale, a sponsored event... anything. Your job will be to get together, plan and organise the event. The committee will, of course, help and support. The allocated timings are:

Class 1:      Jan/Feb
Class 2:     March/April
Class 3:     May/June
Class 4:    Christmas cards & end of year disco

If you have an idea, or want to help organise any of the above, please speak to your class rep.

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